Visibility And Control

If predictability is as important as performance, what are you doing about it?

Predictability of financial performance is critical to a stable share price and the stability of a CEO’s tenure. The bottom line: A senior executive’s ability to predict future business execution accurately and explain past performance is as important as the results themselves. Moreover, surprising the markets is usually a reflection of a CEO being caught unaware – and uninformed. So how do you reduce the chances of surprise and equip yourself to steer your business on a more predictable course?

Without the information to understand business drivers and predict performance (what we refer to as “Visibility”), it becomes hard to steer business actions and outcomes to desired results (“Control”). This report reveals the root causes of poor visibility - and subsequent lack of control - and the remedies to mend it.

The lack of visibility – and subsequent lack of control – is rooted in three failings: insufficient governance and resources, discrepancies in metrics and definitions, and fragmented IT systems

Visibility And Control