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We’ve been driving breakthroughs in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for more than a decade. Through more than 200 client projects, we’ve earned the battle scars that come with building the vast knowledge base necessary to create innovative AI solutions quickly and efficiently.

With Oliver Wyman Quotient, we combine the firm’s proficiency in AI implementation, deployment, and strategic advisory with our deep industry expertise. We take pride in being impact-makers, assisting our clients in moving beyond the hype about the potential of AI to deliver real value and achieve meaningful outcomes. At the same time, we’re constantly looking ahead, striving to keep ourselves and the clients we serve at the forefront of technology. We’re prepared to embark on this exciting journey as we empower your organization to thrive in the ever-evolving AI landscape.


What We Think

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Flyers, a primary sales driver for retailers, have remained largely unchanged in customer experience. To revolutionize the flyer experience we built Oliver Wyman's Next Best Basket®, a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personalization tool. This tool produces flyers and emails based on user behavior, offering a curated and digital-native experience, and provides retailers with more flexibility in targeting their customers. One of our users, a Brazilian supermarket, saw a 2-4% increase in customer spending, a two-times higher email click-through rate, and a 14% increase in new member sign-ups.

The safe and secure sharing of data is a significant barrier to the development of artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, privacy enhancing technologies for AI is high on national AI agendas globally. We are working directly with a regulator in Asia to explore the provision of a secure industry-wide platform that allows safe access to a broad set of data for AI research and AI solutions while adhering to data ethics and data privacy legislation. The first use case will be to tackle industry-wide payments.

One of the largest telecommunications (telco) players in Italy was looking to expand its information and communications technology products, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. We conducted an in-depth assessment of the AI market in Italy, a competitive analysis, and a thorough scouting of “off-the-shelf” AI products. We identified the best solutions the telco could add to its offering, based on its client’s needs and target positioning. For each solution, we developed a tailored go-to-market strategy, a business case, and a high-level implementation plan.

The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its explosive growth presents countless opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments, but does not come without risks. We supported a G20 nation in defining a generative AI baseline across all sectors as well as major public organizations. We identified key opportunities and risks and developed a strategic roadmap to boost the economy by more than $15billion annually. Furthermore, we performed a thorough, task-level assessment of the long-term workforce impact by industry and embedded the findings in the generative AI roadmap as well as the national talent vision.



Factiva Sentiment Signals powered by Oliver Wyman combines our expertise in credit risk modeling and artificial intelligence with Dow Jones Factiva's global news and data sources. This provides an accurate score on over 300,000 entities worldwide, helping credit risk officers and investment managers anticipate risks like corporate rating downgrades.

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Marsh McLennan has fully embraced the benefits and potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) through its introduction of internal tool, LenAI, led by Chief Information Officer Paul Beswick. By introducing LenAI into day-to-day business operations, we've harnessed the power of AI to streamline processes, expedite tasks, and drive efficiency across our organization.

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We understand the challenges commercial organizations face to utilize the growing amount of data they have available to effectively target, win, and up-sell their customers. We’ve developed 'Prospector', an artificial intelligence (AI) driven solution that offers a comprehensive view of leads, prospects, and accounts, using propensity modeling to prioritize decisions. It integrates commercial planning, insights, task automation, and impact tracking, and can be deployed as customizable interfaces, CRM widgets, or data-as-a-service (DaaS).

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