What We Do

In today’s energy environment, utilities must be able to embrace the forces of disruptive technology, whether it’s the growth of rooftop solar or batteries, and navigate the quickly changing competitive landscape. We assist the world’s leading utilities in drawing value from their retail and service business (and escape the commoditization trap) in an industry in transition.

Business models are under more pressure than ever to balance competing forces such as flat demand and the need for greater resiliency and the shift toward a low carbon economy. We position clients to succeed in the new power paradigm of low power prices, flat demand, disruptive technologies, and a fast-changing regulatory landscape.


The utility industry faces unprecedented challenges as microgrids, virtual power plants, community aggregation, and other technologies enable consumers to become “pro-sumers." These changes go to the very heart of the customer’s relationship with the utility. We guide clients through the varied aspects of this changing environment, from the big picture strategy of asset sales and nuclear, fossil, and hydro generator approach, to a detailed analysis at the asset level optimizing plant operation, managing outages, and addressing supply-chain management.


We assist clients in improving reliability, managing their assets, planning large infrastructure investments, raising field force productivity, and managing heightened regulator and customer sensitivity to network performance.


Who We Are