What We Do

We help the world’s leading utilities excel in the new digital, decentralized, and decarbonized world. The future of energy will require new ideas and dynamic business models. We strengthen the position of utility businesses by making transformational changes that enable companies to navigate a highly volatile industry and create breakthrough impact.  

Our Utilities Expertise
We help utilities transform their retail strategy, develop digital platforms, and enhance customer value management.
Transmission and distribution
We advise companies on utility infrastructure investments, operational excellence, workforce management, and data-driven optimization.
We support clients with target operating model design, risk and liquidity management, performance benchmarking, and digitization.
We help clients decarbonize and optimize their portfolios and operations.
Environmental services
We work with waste management companies to ensure operational excellence.

We understand the disruptions facing the industry, and leverage this expertise to help clients strategically navigate an ever-changing landscape. From digital adoption to managing risk and performance transformation, we support businesses across the full value chain to help drive change that improves top and bottom-line performance. It is our forward-looking approach that has helped businesses achieve the following:

cost to serve and cost to acquire reductions for an energy retailer by implementing a digital platform
in additional gross margin following the development of a multi-commodity trading entity
workforce efficiency increase for the maintenance team at a distribution system operator
cost reduction and significant behavior change towards risk-based maintenance for a large European power plant operator

What We Think

Utilities around the world are facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the energy transition and the move towards a carbon-neutral economy. All parts of the value chain are under growing pressure; the retail segment faces competing cost structures, grids are becoming decentralized and face volatile supply and demand, production operates in a fast-changing regulatory environment, and trading experiences high volatility, market consolidation, and a shift towards less carbon-intensive commodities.​ View our content to learn more about these industry challenges and strategic solutions.

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De-Risking Wind and Solar

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Podcast: The Hype Around Hydrogen

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Houston Chronicle: Methane Pledge Can Help Natural Gas Producers

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Utilities must surf rough waters these days: disruptive regulatory changes, wholesale volatility, changing asset base, and generation fleet are examples. We help to de-risk the strategic transformation and co-create the necessary performance step change together with our clients
Joerg Staeglich, Global Head of Utilities
In an increasingly intricate and competitive environment, utilities need to both build resilient strategies and optimize performance. We help clients disentangle complexities - enabling them to navigate a transforming landscape while driving towards real solutions
Christine Oumansour, Partner
With energy markets becoming increasingly decentralized and decarbonized, we support utilities at each step of their transformation journey. Our focus is on jointly creating and realizing solutions with high impact and long-term benefits on business performance
Thomas Fritz, Partner
Utilities in the emerging markets are transforming at a tremendous pace. We support monolithic, integrated, and state-managed legacy sectors, with the functional separation of policy, regulations and operations, so that they can transform into commercially self-sufficient and technologically advanced utilities of the future
Saji Sam, Partner
Today’s businesses operate in a complex and competitive environment that requires nuanced insight and tailored strategies to succeed. We help clients navigate the energy transition by enabling decarbonization across their business – from the transformation of generation portfolios through to distributed customer solutions leveraging virtual power plants and electric vehicles
Robert Radley, Partner
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    Businesses across North America have been making pledges to convert their truck fleets to EVs over the coming years. While this sounds like welcome environmental news, the North American market doesn’t have nearly enough charging infrastructure to accommodate an explosion in the number of commercial electric vehicles. Yet, the electrification of commercial fleets is coming. Will utilities be ready?


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    We are strategic thought leaders that bring long-standing expertise and deep technical knowledge to help clients realize operational excellence and transform their business models so they can withstand the industry challenges ahead. 

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