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The diverse tech industry cuts across, software vendors, IT services providers, hardware makers, and internet-services providers. At Oliver Wyman we combine deep understanding of technology and business of technologies to serve large and small Tech players select their growth bets and get organized to realize them. We help clients define and build winning technology propositions, optimize operations and pricing, organize commercial teams,  and execute growth strategies. We also help  investors navigate the tech space to identify, acquire, and transform promising assets to realize their full value.   


What We Think

Infrastructure: The Last Frontier

Why Some Telecoms Should Carve Out Their Fiber Networks

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Filling the Skills Gap

How tech companies can bridge the growing skills gap

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Leave Data Centers to the Specialists

Data centers are a foundation of the telecommunications-IT ecosystem, but they are going through changes.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation

An in-house startup can be the key to change

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Telecom Operators Rethink Their Next Two Years

No-one really knows what the recovery will be like, but it is reasonable to assume this crisis will not leave things unchanged.

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From Business Continuity To Planning For The Future

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