What We Do

We help the world’s largest metals and mining organizations adapt and thrive in the face of today’s disruptive forces: volatility, decarbonization, product and service differentiation, and digitization. Using proven methodologies, industry expertise, and collaborative co-creation, we develop, detail, and implement strategies across every part of the value chain to enable businesses to create breakthrough impact. 

Our Metals And Mining Expertise
Corporate strategy
We have in-depth experience working across the entire metals and mining value chain to identify growth opportunities, develop differentiated strategies, and create bottom line impact.
Category management and procurement
We develop and implement sourcing strategies from raw materials to maintenance services, logistics, and information technology.
Mergers and acquisitions
We support businesses across the entire deal lifecycle, from conducting business due diligence to advising portfolio strategy and post-merger integration.
Commercial excellence
We work with clients to analyze all aspects that may influence their marketing, trading, and pricing model and advance internal commercial capabilities for various steel grades, other metals, and mineral products.
Organizational effectiveness
We develop effective operating models that integrate processes for unified margins from raw materials to finished goods products.
Supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics
We develop supply chain management processes that optimize profit margins, inventory levels, and service levels.
Enterprise and operational risk management
We assess and manage risks across the energy mix — from traditional to renewable energy — to increase cash flow and profit stability.

We understand the disruptions facing the industry and leverage this expertise to help clients strategically navigate an ever-changing landscape. From digital adoption to managing risk and performance transformation, we support businesses across the full value chain to help drive change that improves top and bottom-line performance. It is our forward-looking approach that has helped businesses achieve the following:

sustainable improvement of EBITDA for a European steel conglomerate through performance transformation
growth of sales volumes for a global steel producer by identifying growth measures for the key markets and product segments
Net Zero
roadmap and comprehensive ESG strategy development for an integrated aluminum producer

What We Think

Amidst rising costs, market volatilities, and the energy transition, metals and mining organizations are facing disruptive challenges and unique opportunities. Demand for low-carbon raw materials is only set to increase as cleaner technologies progress, and all eyes will be on the metals and mining industries as we journey towards net zero. Our in-depth understanding of industry mega-trends enables us to provide distinctive solutions to the most difficult challenges faced by modern-day metals and mining companies.  



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Mining companies operate in an increasingly complex, demanding, and uncertain business environment. We help our clients recognize the strategic implications of movements in commodity markets, stakeholder expectations, and technologies, and act upon those to enhance their competitive position and ensure superior value creation.
Heinz Pley, Global Head of Metals and Mining
From automotive and aerospace to engineering and construction, metals companies have provided the essential materials that make up the world around us for decades. Now, with sustainability at the top of the agenda, today’s metals businesses must work with stakeholders to continue supplying necessary goods while reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the scale up of the hydrogen economy. We help clients evaluate their business model and gain a competitive edge by embedding circular customer value chains and decarbonizing processes at the center of operations.
Nils Naujok, Partner
The mining industry is in a period of profound change. The energy transition and broader sustainability and corporate responsibility considerations are front-of-mind with investors, customers, employees, governments and local communities, and are having an intense impact on the mining industry. We help clients navigate this complex change through defining strategic pathways and developing operating models that best position our clients for success in this changing landscape.
Mark Bosnich, Partner
The mining industry is being re-shaped by transformative forces, such as the energy transition and digitalization. Consequently, business models must adapt if they wish to remain competitive. We help the world’s leading companies get ahead by harnessing these trends to evolve their operating model, organizational structure, portfolios, commercial approach, and operations and financing strategy.
KK Venkata, Partner
When automaker BMW invested in US clean steel startup Boston Metal, and Mercedes Benz bought a stake in Swedish startup H2 Green Steel, the investments represented more than the greening of an industrial portfolio. They marked the first steps in the decarbonization of steel — a process that will require the reinvention of not only how steel is made but essentially a reimagining of the entire steel supply chain. Learn more about green steel’s viability and the automotive industry’s move to reduce its carbon footprint. 

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