What We Do

We help the world’s largest metals and mining organizations adapt and thrive in the face of today’s disruptive forces: volatility, decarbonization, product and service differentiation, and digitization. Using proven methodologies, industry expertise, and collaborative co-creation, we develop, detail, and implement strategies across every part of the value chain to enable businesses to create breakthrough impact. 

Our Metals And Mining Expertise
Corporate strategy
We have in-depth experience working across the entire metals and mining value chain to identify growth opportunities, develop differentiated strategies, and create bottom line impact.
Category management and procurement
We develop and implement sourcing strategies from raw materials to maintenance services, logistics, and information technology.
Mergers and acquisitions
We support businesses across the entire deal lifecycle, from conducting business due diligence to advising portfolio strategy and post-merger integration.
Commercial excellence
We work with clients to analyze all aspects that may influence their marketing, trading, and pricing model and advance internal commercial capabilities for various steel grades, other metals, and mineral products.
Organizational effectiveness
We develop effective operating models that integrate processes for unified margins from raw materials to finished goods products.
Supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics
We develop supply chain management processes that optimize profit margins, inventory levels, and service levels.
Enterprise and operational risk management
We assess and manage risks across the energy mix — from traditional to renewable energy — to increase cash flow and profit stability.

We understand the disruptions facing the industry and leverage this expertise to help clients strategically navigate an ever-changing landscape. From digital adoption to managing risk and performance transformation, we support businesses across the full value chain to help drive change that improves top and bottom-line performance. It is our forward-looking approach that has helped businesses achieve the following:

sustainable improvement of EBITDA for a European steel conglomerate through performance transformation
growth of sales volumes for a global steel producer by identifying growth measures for the key markets and product segments
Net Zero
roadmap and comprehensive ESG strategy development for an integrated aluminum producer

What We Think

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Paola Garbini is joined by Partners KK Venkata of Singapore, Dr. Nils Naujok of Germany, and Mark Bosnich of Australia to discuss the overall trends impacting the metals and mining industries in their respective regions. They also discuss specific priorities that companies should adopt in order to embrace the energy transition and what questions they are hearing from clients at different stages of their decarbonization journeys.

Who We Are