What We Do

We are trusted advisors in the sports and entertainment sector, with a global track record of supporting clubs, leagues, federations, governing bodies, governments, media owners, and investors. We work across the industry, from the most mature sports, such as football (soccer), American football, baseball, tennis, and cricket, to emerging and high-growth areas such as cycling, athletics, and eSports. Our work is centered around performance and purpose, helping organizations in sport and entertainment create long-term commercial value for fans, broader interest groups, athletes, administrators, and communities in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

We are also part of the Marsh McLennan Sports group. Collectively across Marsh, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman, we are actively involved with every major sporting organization and event.

Strategy and investment
We support sporting entities in developing long-term strategic vision, growth strategy and business plans. We advise corporate and private capital communities on partnership and investment opportunities across sport and entertainment.
Women’s sports and mass participation
We counsel both the public and private sectors on expanding women’s sports, and using participation in sports and arts to drive societal change.
Fan engagement and optimization
We leverage fan-led insights and adopt fan-centric strategies to enhance consumer engagement with sports and entertainment, creating outsized commercial value.
Venue and Infrastructure
We support clubs and entertainment groups in devising commercial strategy and securing financing for both existing and new infrastructure assets.
Mega events and economic development
We guide governments on creating sport destinations and mega-event bids, with the aim of driving economic and social growth for the country and region.
Governance and policy
We provide guidance to sports and entertainment bodies on governance, organizational structure, and culture to facilitate sustainable business performance.

What We Think

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Navigating Challenges And Strategies In Sports Broadcasting

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