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What We Do

We advise aerospace and defense companies on corporate strategy, research and development, production, program management, and marketing and sales of their core aerospace products as well as aftermarket services. From our work across the aviation sector, we also bring a deep understanding of the strategic needs and issues of aerospace end customer sets. 

Additionally, on the military side, new strategies and philosophies of engagement and changing government spending patterns continue to further disrupt the traditional model.  We assist governments and defense agencies in how to best leverage technology advances like drones, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in their businesses.  

Commercial Aerospace

We know the aerospace industry faces significant changes created by globalization of supply chains, volatile production forecasts, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry participants need to work to fill excess capacity, put invested capital to work, deal with the plunge in aftermarket volume, and survive in a fast-evolving market. Our Aerospace and Defense Practice helps our clients increase their resilience, build back better, and turn crisis into opportunity.


The defense industry is highly competitive. Companies must find ways to capture opportunities, deal with competition from non-traditional players, partner with governments while protecting their IP, extend the life of their assets, and master emerging technologies in new frontiers such as cyber and space. To keep up, agility and innovation are core requirements. We draw on strategic insights, state-of-the-art analytics, and performance improvement platforms to help clients achieve sustainable growth.


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