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What We Do

We work with balance-sheet light financial infrastructure, technology, and services (FITS) providers across sectors and business models — from infrastructure and platform, software and technology, data and information, to tech-enabled services. We provide end-to-end support along the entire growth journey from small, innovative private start-ups to large, publicly-listed players.

We have a holistic coverage that enables us to support our clients by combining our expertise with our proximity with shareholders, management, and understanding of end customers  (via our private equity and financial services franchises).

The FITS landscape we cover

We have a differentiated ability to mobilize and accompany our clients over time, stay on top of innovation, learn from successful scale, and help strategic transactions. Our track record and strong credentials demonstrate impact across the whole sector. We have capabilities that span the full capital raising lifecycle for smaller, early-stage providers, and the broader strategic agenda of larger, established players.

Overview Of Oliver Wyman Capabilities Along Growth Journeys


A. We support earlier stage, fast-growing providers along their fundraising and transaction lifecycle. We advise on sell-side vendor due diligence, buy-side commercial due diligence, post-deal value creation plan, mid-life review.

B. We serve larger, more established players across their broader strategic agenda. We advise on strategy and growth, merger and acquisition and partnerships, technology and operations, risk and regulatory compliance, people and change.


What We Think

We have in-depth, and timely thought leadership with extensive intellectual capital.

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How financial infrastructure, technology, and service companies can facilitate climate transition

Financial Infrastructure, Technology and Service (FITS) companies have a high degree of integrity and neutrality. They are experts in operating within heavily regulated markets and managing and protecting data assets. These factors make them well suited to facilitate climate transition. However, to seize this long-term opportunity, FITS players need to act now to set the standards and align with the mindset of investors. Our global head of FITS, Hiten Patel, and partner Harriet Roberts discussed this and more with our head of marketing for Europe, Paola Garbini.


Who We Are

We have a global team of 50 partners and principals with deep content expertise across a range of industries and capabilities. They have experience of working with more than 50 FITS providers, covering the full FITS landscape. They can support expansion beyond traditional industries, working both horizontally across sectors, and vertically across capabilities.