What We Do

Understanding and managing climate risk has become a critical goal for financial institutions and corporations - driven partly by regulatory mandates and market pressures as well as extreme weather events causing physical damage and supply chain disruptions.

We bring deep risk management expertise to help business leaders measure and manage their climate risks and opportunities. We have a strong history of modelling climate risk scenarios for the world’s leading financial institutions and industries. As part of Marsh & McLennan, we also draw on the risk and resilience expertise of our colleagues from Marsh and Guy Carpenter.

S&P Global Market Intelligence
We partnered with S&P Global Market Intelligence to launch Climate Credit Analytics, a first-of-its-kind climate credit solution to help financial institutions assess counterparty risk from a transition to a low-carbon economy.
World Economic Forum
We contribute to the World Economic Forum’s most influential risk report, The Global Risks Report, exploring some of the most severe risks we may face over the next decade.
UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)
We partnered with UNEP FI to define an industry approach to transition risk quantification. Transition Check empowers institutions to evaluate risks and potential losses across numerous sectors and geographies.

What We Think

Climate Scenario Analysis Practices At US Banks In 2023

In collaboration with the Risk Management Association, we provide perspectives on US financial institutions’ climate scenario analysis capabilities.

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Explore how the GCC is tackling global supply chain challenges through strategic resilience amid disruptions from pandemics to geopolitical tensions.

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Navigating Climate Risk And Resilience In Banking

Learn how banks go beyond regulation, harnessing climate risk stress tests to gain valuable insights. Our report with AFME reveals key challenges for EU banks.

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Embarking On Climate Change Scenario Analysis

Climate risk scenario analysis is becoming mainstream as financial regulation of climate change risk intensifies. Here’s what insurers need to know.

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Defining The Right Digital Asset Strategy For Procurement

Build a digital asset strategy needed for ESG in data procurement. Here are the best practices to monitor effectively and achieve sustainability goals.

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Climate Risk And Opportunity

New climate regulation represents a step change for insurers — but also, a commercial opportunity for the insurance industry.

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