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What We Do

We partner with the world’s leading financial institutions on their most significant challenges, such as lower revenues and elevated credit losses, to deliver breakthrough impact in a period of unprecedented economic disruption and turmoil.

Corporate And Institutional Banking
We draw on a deep knowledge of our clients' businesses and our own in-depth industry research to develop sustainable strategies for corporate and institutional banking firms.
Insurance And Asset Management
We bring our expertise, strategic thinking, analytical insight, and innovation to create value for the leading property and casualty, life, and health insurers and reinsurers.
Retail And Business Banking
We advise leading banks, credit institutions, payments companies, and investments firms to design and implement business strategies aimed at serving consumer households and small and medium-size businesses.
Finance And Treasury Management
We advise our clients on corporate finance and treasury strategy, integrated planning, cost takeout strategies, and operations, data and technology transformation.
Risk Management For Financial Services
We support clients in developing strategies, governance, methodologies, processes, change management initiatives and infrastructure to measure and manage the risks they face.
Wealth Management
Helping wealth managers and private equity clients achieve outsized impact through deep industry expertise, proprietary assets, and frontier thought leadership.
Digital Assets
We work with disrupters, incumbents, investors and public policy makers to navigate and position themselves in the rapidly evolving digital assets landscape.
Financial Infrastructure, Technology, And Services
Oliver Wyman’s Financial Infrastructure, Technology and Services (FITS) platform is dedicated to the service provider community active in Financial Services.

What We Think

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A Comprehensive Analysis Of Bank-Fintech M&A

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Navigating The New Monetary Order

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