What We Do

We support leading oil and gas players in meeting their strategic objectives, navigating industry challenges, and harnessing opportunities arising from the energy transition.

Working across the entire value chain, and using deep industry expertise, we help businesses adapt to the rapidly evolving energy landscape, capture new value pools, and strengthen business models to ensure resiliency and create breakthrough impact.

Our Downstream Oil And Gas Expertise
New energies and low-carbon solutions
We advise businesses on product entry, value chain participation, and offer design across low-carbon products.
Market entry and expansion
We support clients in identifying, strategizing and executing their new market growth plans across fuels, lubricants, gases, and low-carbon solutions.
Research and development efficacy
We work with clients on digitizing their operations and incorporating artificial intelligence, robotics, and predictive maintenance into offshore operations.
Industrial and commercial solutions
We work with clients to design and improve the effectiveness of products and solutions across fuels, lubricants, gases, and low-carbon products.
Retail and convenience excellence
We enable clients to improve the operational performance, marketing offers, and financial effectiveness of their retail and convenience network.
Partnership strategy
We support clients in developing partnerships across each step of the value chain, including retail operators, wholesalers, and feedstock providers.
Mobility solutions
We help oil and gas players create value for new mobility solutions that are emerging now but will have a lasting impact in the future.
Trading and Risk
We support oil and gas companies and principal investment businesses in identifying and evaluating opportunities to deliver superior returns.

We understand the disruptions facing the industry and leverage this expertise to help clients strategically navigate an ever-changing landscape. From managing risk to developing products and entering new markets, we support businesses across the full value chain to help drive change that improves top and bottom-line performance. It is our forward-looking approach that has helped businesses achieve the following:


gross margin increase through the development and launch of a premium product offering
gross margin increase following the development of a low-CAPEX biofuel market entry strategy
new sites within four years for an energy major’s market entry into a new Asian market
countries with improved customer experiences across retail and convenience stores, helping to future-proof business for a global client

What We Think

Commodity Trading’s Most Profitable Year

Commodity Trading’s Most Profitable Year

Industry surpasses $100bn in gross margin for the first time.

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Second Life for Oil and Gas Terminals

Second Life for Oil and Gas Terminals

First movers willing to co-invest with refiners and producers will stand to gain from scale and early adoption.

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Houston Chronicle: Methane Pledge Can Help Natural Gas Producers

Houston Chronicle: Methane Pledge Can Help Natural Gas Producers

While most efforts to reduce emissions have been aimed at carbon dioxide, methane has a much more potent effect on heating the planet.

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Energy companies must evolve from commodity suppliers to solution providers, by combining energy supply, risk management, and stable access to customers. We help our clients transform and commercially optimize their portfolios guided by customer requirements

Alexander Franke, Partner

The pace of change in established businesses and new low-carbon platforms is only going to continue to accelerate. We help clients harness current opportunities and position themselves to seize those that emerge as the transition evolves. We do this by bringing together deep industry insight and battle-hardened market knowledge, coupled with an understanding of capital markets and strategic thinking

Abhi Bhuchar, Head of Energy and Natural Resources, Asia

The downstream oil and gas sector is undergoing a seismic shift. Long term demand declines, electrification and an evolving energy mix, and the growing importance of providing platform-led consumer solutions are driving the need for business model transformations across the industry. Those that are able to adapt with pace, understand how to serve customer ‘beyond the commodity’, and partner effectively to do so will be best placed to not only survive, but achieve profitable growth

Joanne Salih, Partner


Sustainable aviation fuel, otherwise known as SAF, will be pivotal in the effort by airlines to reach net zero. But while the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act took an important step toward increasing the supply, there still won’t be enough SAF by 2030 to stop the rise in greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.


Who We Are

We are strategic thought leaders that bring long-standing expertise from across the oil and gas value chain to help clients transform their business models so they can withstand the industry challenges ahead.

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