Manufacturing Industries 2030

Perspectives on Manufacturing Industries Vol. 15

It is an undeniable fact that the entire world has been weighed down under the burden of COVID-19. The virus continues to challenge industries, workforces, governments, and societies across the globe. That said, it may turn out that the disruption we are currently experiencing will have less lasting long-term impact than other trends and disruptions that have been obscured by the pandemic.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the 15th edition of Perspectives on Manufacturing Industries is projecting the future of the sector, assessing what it will look like in 2030. We developed 12 hypotheses on changes that have the potential to impact the industry significantly over the next decade. These hypotheses were put to the test, and then we discussed them with more than 20 CEOs and other management board members of manufacturing companies. Our discussions and findings have resulted in the focus of this journal: The global supply chain dilemma, the true value of digital, and the war for talent are all trends that rank very high on CEOs’ agendas. But the impact of decarbonization on the industry should not be underestimated either, as it will play a major role in creating material opportunities in the coming decade.

The manufacturing industry is experiencing disruptive and volatile times. With the right strategies and responses, though, the industry not only will survive, but will also thrive in the post-pandemic future.

Manufacturing Industries 2030