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The broader transportation ecosystem is a critical part of the world economy, moving people, goods, and information around the globe.  We advise clients on the innovations and pressures that are changing the industry – from digitization and new mobility, to changes in regulations and trade flows.

By understanding the nuances of each transport sector, we connect the dots across the ecosystem, bringing the best ideas from a range of industries to our clients’ businesses.


What We Think

Airline Economic Analysis 2020-2021

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Watch: Pat Walsh & Dennis Santare Discuss Sustainment

Part 1: Sustainment As A Combat Enabler

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What Elite Teams can Teach Defense Aviation

Keeping the Fleet Mission Capable

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Western Defense Contractors Risk Losing the Tech War

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Traveler Sentiment Survey Edition 2

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Drones of Tomorrow

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Aerospace Recovery Post COVID-19 Part 3

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A shortage of pilots could keep the airlines from making a real comeback

An important question facing the airline industry is not whether it will face a pilot shortage, but when it will begin

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Is E-commerce Good For Europe?

Economic and environmental impact study

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Global Fleet & MRO Market Forecast 2021-2031

A Future Of Challenges And Hope

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Turning data and analytics into actionable intelligence

PlaneStats.com by Oliver Wyman brings together reliable aviation data and a powerful collection of analytical tools that you can use to develop actionable insights.