André Martins
Partner, IMEA Head of Transportation, Services and Operations
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André Martins is a Partner and the Head of Transportation, Services and Operations Practices for Oliver Wyman in IMEA. André is a core member of Oliver Wyman Management Committee for IMEA. He has more than 15 years of experience in Top Strategy and Management Consulting at Oliver Wyman and worked across more than 20 countries in Europe, Americas and IMEA.

He specialized on strategy, business plans, new ventures, large transformations, corporatizations, privatizations, commercial, and spend turnarounds advising shareholders, boards and executive management of leading private and public sector entities across a wide range of industries: aviation, maritime, surface transportation, large infrastructures, professional services and government.

Whatever you do, whatever reason you have, do it with full passion, commitment, and dedication, take the best out of it and give the best of you.

André advises his clients with a long-term commitment attitude and an impact-focused mindset. He has witnessed the need for clients to evolve at a very fast pace, quickly adjusting and revamping their strategies, developing and retaining the right talent, addressing increasingly fierce competition and new disruptive players while ensuring long-term value creation, sustainability, and positive impact on society. Understanding these challenges, spotting the right opportunities that lie ahead, and successfully materializing them while celebrating each client’s uniqueness are among André’s core principles.

The real impact goes way beyond the immediate project results and what you deliver. It is when people still remember you 5 years down the road by the important contribution that you have made to their business.

André holds an MBA from IESE Business School, an Executive Education program from INSEAD and Wharton and a Management degree from Portuguese Catholic University. His mother tongue is Portuguese, he speaks fluent English and Spanish.

I truly love what I do and it makes me incredibly satisfied when I am fully committed to properly address and solve some of my client's challenges.