Tom Stalnaker
Partner and Global Practice Head of Transportation and Services
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Tom is a partner and global practice head for our Transportation and Services Practice, based in Washington, DC.

He also leads the firm’s global Aviation Practice, focusing on strategic business decisions for aviation companies, with an emphasis on the passenger airline industry. It’s a sector that is characterized by its constant evolution and innovation, necessitating that he remains abreast of these changes.

Tom underscores the importance of keeping pace with change and innovation, especially in light of the current challenges facing the aviation and travel industries. His career in aviation consulting spans more than 30 years, during which he has worked with firms of various sizes. He has advised clients during both prosperous periods and times of crisis, including wars, the 9/11 attacks, economic recessions, and pandemics. He believes that success hinges on acknowledging the inevitability of change and unexpected events, maintaining a positive outlook, adapting to new circumstances, and ensuring the team remains focused and supported.

The success of the aviation and travel business ultimately makes the world a smaller place. It brings people together and fosters a greater understanding among individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. The connections it creates and relationships it forges are irreplaceable

His broad experience in both commercial and operational functions enables him to advise clients on how to think strategically about networks and partnerships, solve complex problems, and make a meaningful impact on the customers, employees, and communities they serve. It’s an understanding and perspective that’s made him a trusted adviser and sounding board for senior executives in the industry.

Beyond his professional life, Tom's goal is to continue traveling, exploring the world, and learning about different cultures. He notes that consulting is a relationship business, and witnessing the success of both the team at Oliver Wyman and the client has been immensely rewarding. For those considering a career in aviation consulting, he offers a word of caution: “Be careful, once you’re exposed to aviation, you’ll be hooked!”