Matthew Poitras
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Matt has worked with clients in passenger, cargo, and the aerospace manufacturing, airline, and aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industries since 2008, advising them in areas such as business design and financial planning, transformation, supply-chain management, and strategic sourcing. “My background in finance and economics has allowed me to help clients look at markets and complex technical problems through the lens of economic realities,” says Matt.

Clients seek out his expertise in cracking complex challenges: new vectors of growth, taking cost out of operations, redesigning business models. “I advise them on industry trends, implications, and opportunities, and how the business needs to evolve to drive growth and/or improve performance,” Matt says. 

The aviation and aerospace industry is evolving at a record pace, with changing consumer preferences and regulation around sustainability driving change in the way we travel in years to come. Incumbent airlines and OEMs are going to need to rethink their technology models, product/service offerings, and business models to adapt while facing competition from a range of new entrants

One of the firm’s greatest strengths is its collaborative way of working with clients, which he believes enables them to flex new muscles and learn new approaches to tackling complex problems. “Success for me is always working myself to redundancy with any given client,” Matt says. “If I can help them not only crack the problem at hand but also get set up to tackle it the next time on their own, they’ll call me for something else further down the road.”

One of the most enriching experiences in his life was the decision to leave consulting in order to work in industry before returning to Oliver Wyman. “Hands-on experience in a line management role taught me a lot about the realities of getting things done within the complexities of a large company and has given me a very practical approach to how I think about and deliver consulting services,” he says.

Outside work, Matt is devoted to family. “I’m passionate about my family – which consists of my wife and two girls,” he says. “I’m equally passionate about cooking and anything outdoors, preferably near or on water. Recently, I took up fly-fishing.”