Jerome Bouchard

Partner and Leader Organization Design
As a private pilot, Jerome combines his personal interests with his professional career at Oliver Wyman.

Jerome is a partner at Oliver Wyman who works with CEOs and senior executives of major companies in the Airlines, Aerospace and Defense sector. He's an expert on Business Transformation, with a creative approach to problem-solving and a passion for achieving results.

I am a private pilot who passed all his licenses to fly over Europe with family and friends. I get to combine my work in Aerospace and my personal passion – it’s an incredible opportunity. My clients seek me out for my creativity; they look to me to find solutions they haven’t considered... or haven’t dared to!

Jerome is committed to transforming organizations; helping them to be more agile, collaborative, customer-centric and generating higher engagement from the people who work within them. Jerome's proud to have implemented strategies that have saved jobs, improved work environments and boosted his clients' and colleagues' careers. His secret? Playing rugby:

When I was a kid and until my first professional years, I played rugby and I am still a huge fan of that sport. It really gave the foundations for teamwork, collective efforts and collaborative success and still drives my behaviors in terms of internal consultant team management and the way I interact with my clients and deliver them the best consulting value.