Miguel Smart
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Miguel brings over two decades of combined military and consulting experience to Oliver Wyman’s Aerospace and Defense practice in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the firm, he led another large consultancy’s North American Aerospace and Defense strategy practice. He also served in the US Navy, both as a helicopter pilot and as Secretary of the Navy White House Liaison Officer and Aide.

For more than a decade, Miguel has consulted for defense and commercial OEMs and government services. His expertise includes growth strategy, M&A, enterprise transformation, large program design-for-affordability and manufacturing execution, and manufacturing and operations improvement. Much of his work focuses on cost efficiency, whether on the shop floor, in the supply chain, or in the back office. As an MBA, he is constantly thinking about maximizing shareholder return, whether on the shop floor or through ESG initiatives that benefit broader society. 

The aviation industry is at a period of major inflection that will last years to come – responding to this inflection is a big challenge, but there is a clear way to stabilize, adjust (e.g., right size footprint) and emerge stronger for the future.

Miguel’s broad range of capabilities and experience position him well to help clients respond to periods of disruption or inflection, such as COVID’s impact on commercial aviation. In Miguel’s eyes, true impact goes beyond tangible business results – which he’s seen a lot of – and is passionate about the development and growth of the people he works with, both teams and clients. He’s had the pleasure of advising numerous team members on career changes and has even welcomed Oliver Wyman alums, as well as former clients, back to the team.

One of the most rewarding aspects to this job, in my view, is building a client relationship up from a complete stranger to a trusted advisor who frequently stays in touch. That’s how you know you’ve made that person successful and driven positive value creation.

As a Naval Officer, Miguel thrived on mentoring junior team members to success and found watching them develop over the years to be extremely rewarding. “I’ve continued to evolve my leadership and management style over 13+ years of consulting to develop teams that enjoy their work, feel a sense of ownership, and feel proud to be an Oliver Wyman team member,” he notes.