The World Energy Trilemma

Ranking the world’s top 25 sustainable energy systems

By Francois Austin

Europe still leads the world in the provision of sustainable energy systems, with 20 European countries appearing in the top 25 ranking of the 2018 World Energy Council/Oliver Wyman Energy Trilemma Index. The Index ranks 125 countries on their performance in meeting and balancing the energy trilemma: delivering secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy. Denmark, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom were the only countries to rank within the top 25 countries across all three dimensions, highlighting the continuing challenges for countries to meet energy goals.

The highest ranked non-European country is New Zealand which ranked at 7 in the overall Index. Canada, the United States, Singapore, and Israel are the only other non-European countries in the top 25.

To continue to move forward on balancing the energy trilemma, each country must craft policies that will ensure secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy as they make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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The World Energy Trilemma