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What We Do

The transition to a net-zero and resilient future is complex and requires deep system change.

We help businesses design low-cost and high-impact options for people, planet, and profit.

Our depth of expertise across carbon-intensive and other influential industries equips us to cut through complexity, especially in regulated industries.

Together, we can change systems to accelerate the climate transition while bringing new commercial opportunities to your organization. 


Mitigating the climate crisis requires steep decarbonization across industries. This means reducing direct operational emissions as well as Scope 3 emissions from customers and partners. We help identify the lowest-cost, highest-impact actions to drive the decarbonization needed.


The circular economy brings businesses opportunities of material savings, resource efficiency, and new business innovation. Circularity offers a model than can deliver a neutral, and in some cases, a climate positive footprint for products and services. We help clients align their own practices with circular economy principles.


Climate change triggers redefinition of fundamental business models. Beyond incremental reductions in operational footprints, we help businesses transition their business models and portfolios to be fit for the future. This approach ensures we hedge for climate risk, while maximizing business opportunities.


Technology will help to accelerate the transition to net zero; for example, carbon capture, utilization, and storage; renewable power and fuels; energy storage; and green hydrogen. We bring the technical expertise to implement and scale these new technologies, and the business expertise to capture the opportunities the technology brings.


Climate change has already started to physically impact operations and supply chains, and will continue to do so. With our history in risk and the expertise of Marsh & McLennan, we help build business resilience to climate disruption and co-develop climate insurance products.


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