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What We Do

The climate transition will be accelerated by the power of many.

We help you create value propositions, design new products, activate your brand, and launch programs to engage customers, employees, regulators, investors, and society at-large.

Together, we can bring your stakeholders along the transition journey with you, earning their permission, and capturing the value you create.

Success depends on deep insight into the interests, distractions, priorities, and behaviors of each audience. Drawing on the understanding and methodologies that Lippincott brings for customers and Mercer brings for employees and investors, we help you create compelling propositions to gain the support and participation of your stakeholders for the journey to a net-zero future.


Customers play an integral part to reducing emissions, but cannot act on their own. We help you develop new climate-linked customer propositions, craft your climate story, and find new ways to get your customers to care.


We help businesses build a culture and internal movement around their climate transition journey, attracting and motivating talent.


We help you position your business to attract the growing market for sustainable investment, through the reporting-based practices of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment and beyond. We develop new propositions, messaging, and engagement strategies for investors and shareholders.


What We Think

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