World Energy Trilemma 2018

A fundamental priority facing all countries is how to ensure secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy

The World Energy Trilemma Index is an annual comparative ranking of 125 countries on their ability to balance energy priorities.

Explore the interactive Index below, developed by the World Energy Council, Oliver Wyman and the MMC Global Risk Center, to see individual country profiles, regional overviews and read the report for insights on the challenges in transforming energy systems.

The challenge

The challenge – and opportunity – for policy makers is to craft policy frameworks that enable the three goals while the energy sector undergoes a fundamental transition. Maintaining a balance between the energy goals creates a “trilemma” which is getting more complex for countries and energy companies in the uncertain pace of the transition to decentralised, decarbonised, and digital systems.

Not only developed economies 

This year’s index shows that strong and coherent energy policies that successfully integrate the three dimensions of sustainability, equity and security of supply which constitute the Energy Trilemma are not just the preserve of rich countries and can also drive positive performance of emerging and developing economies.

Although the top ten countries within the Energy Trilemma Global Index in 2018 remains relatively stable, there are changes that buck the usual trend associated with national GDP with countries such as Slovenia entering the top ten at number six. Several nations show significant improvement and demonstrate that a balanced energy system is not a luxury, but a product of smart integrated approaches to the energy transition.

World Energy Trilemma 2018


*Please be advised: new methodology introduced in 2019 means it is not possible to directly compare a country’s Trilemma performance in 2019 with its performance in earlier publications. To view the 2019 Index - which incorporates the new methodology that has been applied retroactively to historical performance - please click here.