The Gas Station’s Digital Future

Self-driving autos, mobile apps, connected vehicles disrupt oil and gas’ retail business

Can you picture a day when you never have to pump gasoline at all at the service station? You will not even have to get out of the car. It is not because they have hired more gas station attendants.

It is because the pump and the car can communicate with each other, work together to select your preferred fuel, and fill the tank without the driver being involved. Like gliding through E-ZPass, you would be paying with a cloud-connected app that, by then, may be standard on most autos. If your vehicle is self-driving, you should be able to be happily ensconced in your bed or at your computer while your car buys the gas without you even being there.


The gas station of the future

A lot more than just a place to refuel your car

Source: Oliver Wyman

This article first appeared in Forbes.

The Gas Station’s Digital Future