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Collaborating to win with electric vehicles

Are electric vehicles the future of the automotive industry?

Certainly, there are many in the industry who would argue that is so, even though uncertainties surrounding electric-drive systems remain – and have increased significantly.

Challenges to electric vehicles include the current low cost of fossil fuels, the recent protectionist and nationalistic leanings of some governments and interest groups, and the limited willingness of automobile manufacturers and suppliers to partner with competitors. At the same time, interest in electric vehicles (EVs) has spiked, fueled by the diesel emissions scandal, the continued regulator focus on reducing fine particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, and government strategies concerning fossil fuel dependencies and global warming.


Impact of e-mobility on value split of vehicle modules

Due to the increasing market penetration of alternative power trains, the future value split of electric vehicles modules in a car will strongly increase

Source: Oliver Wyman automotive cost and value migration model

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