Automobile-Related Startups Mature

Investment in auto-sector digital technology grows, even as number of startups peaks

Automobile-related startups have raised $50 billion since 2011, and currently are trending towards bigger, fewer investments that could yield a handful of global champions, according to an Oliver Wyman survey.

The investments show the increasing importance of outside talent and ideas, as the auto industry undergoes transformation. The car of the past was a stand-alone vehicle, owned and driven by humans, and fueled by gas or diesel. In the future, however, car travel will increasingly happen in self-driving vehicles, be powered by batteries, and form part of a range of intermodal mobility solutions that will include trains, bikes, and walking.


Financing innovation

Startup funding has been steadily growing

1. Data for 2017 includes investments until 05/04/2017

Source: Oliver Wyman

Automobile-Related Startups Mature