Carrier Trend Report - January 2016

Oliver Wyman's healthcare actuaries developed the Carrier Trend Survey in order to conduct market research in the health insurance and HMO industry.

This report summarizes the January 2016 trends from the survey that Oliver Wyman sent to healthcare carriers in December 2015.

This report is expected to be of useful to carriers, brokers, state insurance agencies and other interested parties who are affected by the trends in the cost of healthcare. This report presents pricing trends used by the participating companies in the development of their rates for January 2016. These trends are used to develop premiums for approximately 107.7 million group members as reported by the participating companies. In addition, this edition of the report reflects pricing trends for about 4.7 million members with individual health policies, about 4.7 million Medicare members and 3.0 million Medicaid members.

Carrier Trend Report - January 2016