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What We Do

We help clients unlock value by assessing their financial results, risks, and capital needs, in the context of their current and future operating environments.

Financial Management
We can help you understand your current financial position by supporting the development of your valuation accruals, exploring your historical financial performance, and benchmarking your performance metrics versus your competitors and the industry.
Capital Management
Capital management and planning is critical in this dynamic healthcare industry, we can also help you with proper capital management and understanding of risk adjusted returns.
Our capabilities
Reserves and Financial Accruals Development
We leverage our valuation and projection tools to analyze our clients data on operational dynamics, pricing and financial states.
M&A Due Diligence
We analyze the target company financial performance and provide insight into the profitability, growth and potential synergies.
Financial Benchmarking Analysis
We have developed tools like Domain and Pulse to summarize financial information of health insurance plans to provide insights and trend analyses.
Capital Modeling
We forecast and analyze the regulatory and economic capital needs at company and granular to define capital levels needed to support specific risks.
Our tools
Domain by Oliver Wyman
Summary of reported financial information on entity and company level. The tool provides data tables and graphs to summarize and compare company data.
Pulse by Oliver Wyman
Quarterly newsletter providing insights of the current financial experience, profitability and capitalization trends within the health insurance market.
Discounted Cash Flow Model
Robust proprietary projection model to value distributable profits, based on return and capital requirements; includes development of projected proforma financial statements.
Long-term Care Summary
Summarizes long-term care insurance data and Medicare supplemental experience data as reported by health plans.
ECap Model
Robust proprietary simulation model to analyze capital requirements based on carrier risks and tolerances.
RBC Analyzer
Summary of reported RBC ratios on entity and company level.
IBNR Model
Valuation model to estimate IBNR reserves and incurred claims.
MLR Rebate Analyzer
Summary of the financial information from annual MLR rebate public user files provided by CMS.
RBC Model
Forecasts RBC using the prescribed NAIC formula and projected company financials.
Large Claims/Stop Loss Model
Use of custom and/or generic market distributions to develop simulated large claims cost distributions for risk retention and capital strategies.

We provide customized actuarial services and strategic insight, supporting clients as they strive to exceed their business objectives. Our exceptional client and employee retention exemplifies our commitment to relationships built on trust, responsiveness and clear communication. Our clients can further capitalize on Oliver Wyman’s services through our partners at Marsh McLennan Companies: Marsh, Mercer and Guy Carpenter — world leaders in insurance and risk management consulting.


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