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Weather risk can’t be controlled or influenced, but we have control over risk preparedness. Our Property Weather Map app tracks property values and plots their exact location on an interactive map that can be layered with government weather data. Using vector (polygon) data and images, the Property Weather Map allows clients to easily visualize which properties are highly susceptible to a loss from an incoming storm. This enables the client to take quicker action and develop loss mitigation strategies before the storm arrives.

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Weather Radar
Weather surveillance radar, also called Doppler weather radar, locates precipitation, calculates its motion, and estimates its type.
Cloud Coverage
Informs about the fraction of the sky obscured by clouds when observed from a particular location.
Five Day Flood Outlook
Indicates the probability of experiencing significant flooding (moderate flood stage or higher) over the next five days.
Atlantic Cyclones/Hurricanes
Visualizes all weather events in the Atlantic Area, such as tropical storms or hurricanes.
Historical Storm Surge Patterns
Displays documented patterns in the abnormal rise in seawater levels during a storm.
Historical Windspeed Patterns
Informs how fast the air is moving past a certain point, including its path and location.
Construction And Builder Risk
For properties with active construction or builders risk, our tool ties into pay systems to establish value at risk at the time of the storm, and determine deductibles at risk given current Total Insured Value of constructed property.
Contact us for more information about how this tool can be implemented for your organization, for a Property Weather Map product demonstration, or for information about any of our other property risk management innovations.
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Who We Are