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What We Do

We have extensive familiarity with workers' compensation, medical professional liability, and other commonly self-insured coverages, including general liability and automobile liability.

Loss Reserve Analyses

We provide estimates of unpaid claim costs to support liabilities reported on the balance sheet. As appropriate, our estimates include a provision for risk and consider the time value of money.

Captive Support

Our independent actuarial team provides captives with actuarial support in loss reserve and opinions, pricing, risk transfer, risk distribution, feasibility support and analytics to substantiate the captive’s actions, thereby allowing the captive to continue to provide value to the parent company.

Pricing and Loss Forecasts

Our actuarial estimates of future claim costs and associated cash flows provide a foundation for the strategic decisions necessary to manage risk.

Alternative risk financing studies

We support clients who are considering alternative risk management approaches –including self-insurance, captive arrangements, trusts, and risk retention groups – with cost-benefit analyses to aid in decision-making.

Retention Level Analyses and Economic Cost of Risk

We help clients determine an optimal balance between risk retention and risk transfer by considering the likelihood of claim outcomes, the cost implications including a capital charge, and the client's risk appetite.

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Solution for Managing General Agents and Underwriters

Today, MGAs and MGUs are facing a highly competitive and saturated marketplace. Clients partner with us to support their entire business model. We analyze your business to produce breakthrough strategies and rating to support long and short term growth, profitable new products, support reinsurance renewals, due diligence for merger and acquisitions, business development, and distribution. Our experienced actuaries use predictive models and interactive visual analytic tools to support our recommendations and allow us to measure and update our plan with the quickly changing market. To stay on top, MGAs and MGUs cannot continue business as usual. They need innovative ideas and products that are backed by a team of trusted and proven Oliver Wyman actuarial scientists. Learn why clients choose Oliver Wyman actuaries for MGA and MGU solutions.


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