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What We Do

Managing property and casualty risk in today’s business environment can be an extremely difficult task. Our P&C actuaries and consultants have years of hands-on insurance company experience.  Our team includes former chief actuaries, chief risk officers, chief underwriting officers, and regional executives who provide a range of services.

Risk managers, chief actuaries, and CFO’s are faced with the challenge of minimizing risks while maximizing returns within ever-changing legal, economic, and regulatory environments. Independent, specialized advice and professional services help organizations meet this challenge.

The Insurance Practice within Oliver Wyman Actuarial P&C is fresh and agile, ready to pivot with the market’s ebbs and flows to combat any challenge and strategically plan for the future. The practice is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds who have multiple years of experience of expertise. We approach insurance work with an open mind, clear goals, perspective, enthusiasm, creativity, excellence, and detail. 


We provide loss reserve analyses including statistical reserve range estimates and provide NAIC and captive statements of actuarial opinion. Including Independent review of unpaid loss and loss adjustment expense reserves, Appointed actuary independent peer review, and Statements of Actuarial Opinion.

Product Development

We design new insurance products for emerging risks, prepare rate filing support and assist with the approval process.

Competitive Market Analysis

Our competitive market analysis includes a Market Appetite Review, Qualitative Analysis, and Quantitative Analysis.


Our ratemaking services include determining the overall adequate rate need as well as the appropriate classification relativities to be applied to reflect exposure characteristics.

Rate Filing Support

We develop base rates, class rating plan factors, individual risk rating, and profit targets, consistent with company underwriting guidelines. Additionally, we are responsible for taking on the preparation and defense of rate filings submitted to insurance regulators.

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Oliver Wyman Actuarial is committed to helping MGAs and MGUs thrive in today’s competitive market. Our actuaries use predictive models to develop optimized rates to support profitable growth.  Our consulting includes visual analytics, competitive market analysis, M&A due diligence, and reinsurance support. Learn more about how Oliver Wyman can support your organization in this short video.


Who We Are

The Insurance Leadership Team within Oliver Wyman is a team of insurance experts across the country that are committed to driving innovation and best practices within the Insurance Practice of Oliver Wyman Actuarial Property & Casualty.