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What We Do

Our unique expertise and collaborations with Marsh provide clients a tailored partnership service model to dive into your warranty program to understand the nuances needed to advise the best optimization actions going forward.  We develop business intelligence tools on a custom-built application system. We assist clients through financial and model valuations, program strategy and management, and analytical scrutiny.

our capabilities
Program Design
We can help quantify design changes or initiatives to supplement program design and implementation expertise provided by our sister company Marsh.
Strategic Partners
Informed negotiations and ongoing management of third-party partners’ fees, actuarial rates, and risk financing strategies are critical for warranty program success. Our analytics and Marsh industry knowledge supports program structure and ongoing vendor accountability.
Program Management
Successful program management shortens the cycle between identification to action. Actions that take advantage of opportunities and mitigate spill risks include implementing service initiatives, altering product offerings, or adjusting pricing structure.
Risk Financing
Partnering with Marsh, we can guide and measure decisions involving risk financing, profit share, and networks and distribution channels. Services in this area may include capital feasibility studies, technical pricing, and/or captive management.
Financial Reporting
How does your warranty program impact your bottom line? Our actuarial studies align your financial reporting with analytics and program management efforts to aid business decision making and reduce volatility.
Business Intelligence
Our cutting-edge, customized, business intelligence tools and models provide robust reporting to support program growth, customer service, engineering, and quality control. Visualizing the storylines that matter to you can help communicate important actionable insights to internal and external stakeholders.
Depending on whether you’re talking about extended warranties or OEM’s, you’re either going to bleed money or miss opportunities. The analytics Oliver Wyman brings to the table coupled with the Marsh warranty expertise, will best equip you for the perfect balance between aggressive and conservative warranty management. Marsh McLennan provides a holistic and tailored warranty partnership at your fingertips.
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