OW Capability: Actuarial

France Actuarial Practice

Our Actuarial office in Paris, France is a cutting-edge consulting practice and part of the international actuarial network of over 300 actuaries within Oliver Wyman, already present in Germany, the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. We provide full-fledged, high-end actuarial and quantitative advisory services with a focus on risk management, capital optimization, financial and actuarial modelling, business strategy, and market presence.

Our unique experience and expertise

  • Our consultants have worked in virtually any French insurance institution in various context (Solvency 2, IFRS 17, M&A, valuation, reserving, capital optimization, governance, tariffs, data analytics, cyber…)
  • We have an intimate knowledge of the market dynamics, the regulatory framework, the standards and best practice.
  • We are “agnostic” and independent vis-à-vis actuarial and projection software but we have in-depth experience with C#, Java, VBA, Python, R, SAS, Prophet, MoSes, Tyche, AXIS.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the global reach to undertake any sizeable and high-end actuarial assignment in France and surrounding countries.



To apply to a position in Paris, France, please send your resume and cover letter to paris.recruiting.actuarial@oliverwyman.com.

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