Pursuing Energy Sustainability

Why No Nation Has Achieved Leadership in Providing Clean, Stable, and Affordable Energy.

What country leads the world in providing stable, affordable and clean energy? The answer is that no one does. And that is a problem.

Canada is a world leader in supplying stable and affordable energy, according to research conducted by the World Energy Council in collaboration with Oliver Wyman. However, it doesn’t rank in the top ten nations for clean energy. Switzerland, a big user of nuclear and hydro power, is one of the top five in delivery of stable and clean energy. But it lags in affordability. Brazil and Italy both provide clean and reasonably priced energy, but no country scores well on all three measures.

The fact is, currently no form of energy satisfies all three criteria. Energy policymakers, accustomed to operating in a relatively stable environment with a clear direction, now find themselves struggling to balance conflicting agendas. As a result, energy policy is mired in uncertainty, which could spell danger for long-term energy investment. Policymakers—and business leaders—need to rethink their approach to energy sustainability, and soon.

Pursuing Energy Sustainability