We work with disrupters, incumbents, investors, and public policy makers to navigate and position themselves in the rapidly evolving digital assets landscape

What we do

Our combined capabilities and expertise help our clients in developing and realizing their strategic vision for the crypto and blockchain universe.

New business development
We work with leading financial institutions to identify, develop, and implement new digital asset strategies and business models.
Enhancing CRYPTO businesses
We work with crypto native firms to enhance their governance, businesses, operations, and product offerings. We also help them to strategically and operationally prepare for future regulation.
Greenfield Bank Building
We help design and build new crypto-native digital banks – working across strategy, operations, development, regulatory compliance, risk management, finance, and treasury.
Private Equity And Principal Investors
We support private capital clients conduct due-diligences and develop strategies across restructuring, M&A, and post-acquisition support for crypto-businesses and assets.
Digital Asset Risk management
We support our clients in developing strategies, scenarios, governance, methodologies and infrastructure to measure and manage the risks, and regulatory obligations.
Regulatory and AFC Compliance
We help clients develop comprehensive and effective regulatory and anti-financial crime programs, designing controls to manage various risks.
Business Synergies and Implementation
We help our clients identify and implement synergies to their existing business model – from vendor assessments to building to investing.
Public Policy
We advise leaders across all levels of government on developing innovative public policy solutions using blockchain technologies and digital assets.
Metaverse and Web3
We support our clients develop a comprehensive view of the emerging metaverse, and Web 3.0 ecosystems and develop strategies for their businesses.
Turnaround And Restructuring
We work with crypto-native firms, private capital, public policymakers and traditional finance players to provide restructuring and turnaround support.
Genuine innovations are occurring in the Digital Assets space such as peer-to peer payments capability, smart contracts allowing for programmable money, tokenization of assets and deposits, atomic settlement, self-custody of funds, and governance by decentralized autonomous organizations. These are here to stay, and could build on each other, leading to potential “flywheel effects” disrupting traditional finance. Despite regulatory uncertainty, market speculation, and crashes, the speed and nature of change is significant, and customers are interested in better, safer ways to access digital asset offerings. Leaders of financial institutions need to include digital assets fully in their strategic and operational planning
Ugur Koyluoglu, Global Head of Digital Assets

Who we are