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What We Do

We advise our clients on corporate finance and treasury strategy, integrated planning, cost takeout strategies, and operations, data and technology transformation. Working together, we help our clients to optimize profitability, enhance risk management, increase efficiency, and drive sustainable change. Our finance and treasury management teams work seamlessly with you to develop operating models, methodologies, and processes to more effectively and efficiently manage your planning, funding, liquidity and balance sheet management needs.

Our advisory capabilities include financial performance management, capital management, funding and liquidity management, interest rate, liquidity and FX risk management, cost management, finance transformation, scenario-based financial planning and stress testing frameworks, industry benchmarking and gap analysis, and capabilities for governance, process, modelling and reporting.

We can help your business to efficiently develop and reforecast strategic plans, deploy financial resources and drive return on equity (ROE) improvements through digital transformation, next generation data and analytics, visibility and control.


We develop and implement best practices for balance sheet risk management strategies, net interest margin (NIM) optimization, funding and liquidity risk management, FTP and performance management.


We enhance integrated planning processes enabling banks to make faster and more informed business decisions, improve supervisory interaction, and enhance returns through better deployment of capital and liquidity resources.


We guide clients in improving efficiency and effectiveness, designing target operating models, reducing complexity through finance IT architecture integration, and transitioning to the workforce for the future.


We provide cost takeout and efficiency strategies through evaluation of activities, processes, systems, products, and services to improve revenue growth, increase operating efficiency, and support long-term profitability.


We work to develop, support and provide thought leadership on transition plans and bring the power of our proprietary LIBORITHMICS™ suite to analyze potential exposures.


We advise firms on the use of data and advanced analytics to provide valuable insights into emerging risks and opportunities.


What We Think

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