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Klara Jandova
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Klara joined Oliver Wyman in 2008 after graduating with a double master’s degree in finance and strategy and in management. She has risen steadily through the ranks at the firm, from Junior Consultant to Partner. “Although the content of my work changed a lot since I began at Oliver Wyman, I believe my early years here prepared me for my current role: structuring my thinking to crack down the most complex problems, progressively building deep understanding of a number of areas in financial services risk management and compliance, and having great role models to learn a number of soft skills from,” she says. 

Our work leads to more accurate and robust identification of key risks for the institutions, more effective controls, and better strategic decisions that look beyond immediate costs and benefits, taking into account the long-term sustainability of the business.

Klara helps clients address their most pressing challenges related to risk management and compliance, bringing with her a deep understanding of the regulations and industry practices together with a pragmatic approach and ability to communicate complex issues clearly to top management and non-technical staff.

Klara commonly works with financial services firms or supervisors. She has consulted for leading financial institutions and authorities in Europe, focusing on credit risk management as well as broader risk management and compliance topics. “I help them identify, measure, and monitor their key risks: ensuring that their internal controls and processes are effective and efficient and establishing proper governance so that the most relevant decisions are taken and that the top management have proper visibility about them.”