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Paul Ricard
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Paul is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Management, and Digital Practices. Paul works closely with businesses to reinvent their strategies, products, and services — and to fuel top-line growth opportunities.

Paul specializes in advising leaders on large-scale digital transformation programs, greenfield business design, and digital operating model development. He is also the CustomerFirst platform lead for Insurance and Asset Management, working collaboratively with clients to develop novel value propositions rooted in customer needs.

I strive to achieve meaningful impact for clients — with a mix of bold reinvention ideas and pragmatic solutions. While working with clients, I embrace both co-creation and being a thoughtful challenger to help them de-risk their reinvention journey

Paul regularly partners with firms to reinvent their business strategy, rethink their priorities, and to modernize their technology while accounting for rapidly changing customer needs. He understands his clients’ realities — and thrives on helping them innovate and strengthen relationships with their customers while factoring existing challenges.

Clients often seek Paul’s expertise for deep customer insights, redefining their vision and value proposition, and designing full-scale digital solutions — delivered with a solid go-to-market strategy. He has led teams with more than 100 people, including designers, engineers, data scientists, and strategists.

Based in San Francisco, Paul works with clients across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He is actively connected with the Insurtech and Fintech communities, and has facilitated strong partnerships between incumbents and Fintech/Insurtech players. When helping clients evolve their operating model, Paul brings together innovation and offerings from the tech and Fintech/ Insurtech worlds, combined with new ways of working.

I’m a longstanding Formula One racing fan — it’s a sport about excellence, performance, and teaming. Running a Formula One team feels similar to running a consulting project. There are dozens of teammates behind each car, such as engineers, designers, R&D, management teams, and drivers. Each race is unique, and requires teams to constantly rethink their strategies and overcome challenges. Those who are most adaptable tend to win the race

Paul received a Master in Management from HEC Paris, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Management from IIM Ahmedabad. He is also a prominent speaker and thought leader for Oliver Wyman. Paul often leads roundtable discussions, breakthrough client workshops, and webinars on Insurance, Financial Services, and Digital topics. He has authored a collection of thought leadership publications for the firm and hosts our Reinventing Insurance podcast. Each episode features conversations with industry thought leaders, and takes a look at the biggest challenges and forces reshaping insurance. For more on our Reinventing Insurance series, please check out www.oliverwyman.com/reinventinginsurance.