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Joshua Zwick
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Josh is a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services Practice, focusing on the asset management and insurance industries. With roles both a consultant and an investment professional over his 20+ year career, he brings deep insight to help solve his clients’ most challenging problems by drawing on his experiences from within and outside the industry. 

As I’ve gained experience in advising senior leaders of companies, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of how information is presented and how messages are framed. As an economist and applied mathematician by training, I have always been a big believer in the value of the raw data and analysis. But that alone is not enough. To have real impact and drive better decisions, that information needs to be visualized and presented in ways that doesn’t just make it more digestible and understandable but tells a story that actually engages people.

Josh’s body of work is marked by its diversity, from helping institutional investors solve complex portfolio construction questions, to building out enterprise risk functions at balance sheet lenders, to developing go-to-market product strategies for global asset managers. He has also conducted research on opportunities for insurers to utilize crypto assets and Web3.0 to drive growth. The breadth of his experience combined with his deep understanding of investment and risk management topics and competitive dynamics in the asset management industry, allows him to bring unique perspectives to his clients while designing workable solutions anchored in practicality.  

I am an obsessive problem solver, perhaps even to a fault. Just knowing that something works is not enough. I am propelled by a desire for deeper understanding. While I’ll admit this can lead me to plumb the depths of dark rabbit holes, it’s also what propels me out of them to see the sky in a whole new way.