Austin Hong
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Sought out for his expertise in designing, improving, remediating, and transforming compliance programs, Austin brings regulatory, consulting, technology, and in-house experience to Oliver Wyman’s Anti-Financial Crime and Compliance practice. His career began in investment banking before he became a regulator, then a consultant, and eventually spent three years working in-house as the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit at a top US bank. 

Many of our clients operate in a highly regulated space. Therefore, the solutions we bring to our clients not only need to be effective and efficient but also need to withstand regulatory scrutiny and sustainability.

Going in-house and joining the Financial Intelligence Unit was a career-turning point for Austin as it allowed him to experience what it’s like being in the clients’ seat and to fully understand decision-making processes, key issues clients deliberate on, and how results play out end-to-end. His experience has provided him with the unique perspective to help clients in three key areas: the design and enhancement of existing compliance programs, the adoption and implementation of technology in compliance programs to improve efficiency, and the design and implementation of additional controls for new products and services, including digital assets.

While there are vast opportunities for our clients to expand their businesses through new ways people transact, this will also bring additional challenges. The most successful firms will be proactive in managing this additional risk through better planning, anticipation, and designing strong controls to identify and mitigate existing and emerging risks.

Offline, one of Austin’s ambitions is to serve as a mentor to those interested in the field of compliance or consulting. He sees a huge gap in that while compliance is a critically important role in the business world, it is rarely taught at universities or schools. A huge believer in investing in people, he advocated for his team to achieve various AML certifications while serving as the leader of the Financial Intelligence Unit, resulting in more than 200 people achieving their certifications during his tenure.

Based out of the New York Office, Austin is the father to two daughters and can be found helping coach and cheering on his daughters’ teams on the side-line at their lacrosse games on the weekends.