Health Market 2.0 : The Marketplace Revolution

The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) was created to develop and promote market-driven solutions to the crisis of high cost and poor quality that afflicts the healthcare systems of the developed world.

Based on the deep healthcare expertise of Oliver Wyman and drawing on its Leaders Alliance network of innovators across sectors and industries, OWHIC identifies and disseminates the ideas and practices that will transform healthcare. Our goal is to create a healthcare system driven by innovation and the needs and desires of consumers, creating value for companies and the public alike.


Our goal is to mainstream proven innovations and accelerate their development and adoption cycles. This is the moment to fix the broken value equation in healthcare.

Summit 2015

OWHIC convened 500+ executives and key influencers at its October 2015 Summit.

The Marketplace Revolution

Multiple industries are converging to shatter the old sick-care model and create a new consumer health, wellness, and better-living marketplace.


OWHIC Leaders Alliance

The OWHIC Leaders Alliance is a coalition comprised of senior executives from all areas of healthcare who have committed to work collaboratively on key issues impacting consumer value and overall industry sustainability.


The Patient-to-Consumer Revolution

How the tech attack radically advances U.S. healthcare – and creates a clear path to market sustainability – by unleashing consumer demand and forever changing the basis of competition.


All Rise With Innovation

For more on the ongoing work of OWHIC and its bold vision, see Clinical Innovation + Technology's July 2013 cover story.


The Volume-to-Value Revolution

OWHIC's inaugural report explores the future of healthcare between now and 2025.