Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2013

The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit convened nearly 100 healthcare executives from the U.S. and Europe in Dallas February 5-6 for a collaborative, cross-industry forum on the future of healthcare. Attendees represented all sectors of the industry, from healthcare providers and payers to biotech, IT and investment firms.

The event was organized by the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center, led by Oliver Wyman Partners Tom Main and Adrian Slywotzky; Senior Executive Advisor to the Center and WellTok Chairman and CEO Jeff Margolis; and an advisory board of more than 40 healthcare decision makers. Sessions were marked by debate and discussion on how to diffuse the lesson of today’s pioneers (many of which were in the room) into a Volume-to-Value Revolution  – a movement to create a healthcare market rooted in patient-centered care that engages consumers in their health and embraces the science of prevention.

Dr. Grace Terrell, president and CEO of North Carolina’s Cornerstone Health Care, shared how her organization made the move to patient-centered care. Dr. Pete Hudson offered his experience building the popular mobile app iTriage and Jim Hudson, the co-founder of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, delved into genomic sequencing. Other proven innovators and leaders covered the opportunities of social media, how the capital markets are fueling innovation, and the challenges of healthcare leadership.

Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2013

Tom Main, Partner and U.S. Market Leader Answers 3 Questions
  • 1Why did you organize a Summit?

    Every aspect of the Summit was designed to support cross-industry collaboration and real change. If healthcare is to compete on value, we must have a shared vision for the future and work together to make it a reality. With each ideation session the Center has held, the demand for involvement increased largely because the level of collaboration and dialog was truly amazing. The Summit offered a unique opportunity to collaborate on new future-oriented ideas and meet thought leaders facing similar issues in an intimate, engaging forum.

  • 2What type of work preceded the Summit?

    Over the past year, we’ve worked with a diverse group of leaders on three broad topics: the science of prevention, retail and consumer engagement, and patient-centered care. What emerged from our discussions is an awareness of the many game-changing innovations and technologies already in the market that can have an enormous impact if diffused broadly. Also, the market convergence of areas like behavior science, genomics, social media, big data, wellness, and retail will be a powerful force in altering the health of our population.

  • 3Who attended the Summit?

    We invited a select group of senior leaders across payer, provider, healthcare IT, genomics, pharma/biotech, and other sectors as well as key executives from game-changing organizations outside of health. The focus of the Summit among this distinct group of approximately 100 executives fostered a first-class, high-touch event.