Technology Needed For An Equitable Energy Transition

Episode 3 | Speakers: Lawrence Jones and Andrew Perry

What role can technology play to ensure a smooth and equitable energy transition?

Welcome to a new four-part series with Lawrence Jones, Vice President of International Programs at the Edison Electric Institute, and Andrew Perry, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Energy Practice. This series will explore infrastructure, access to capital, the role of technology, and market implications - and specifically, how these factors play in to the future of the energy transition.

As we look forward to an industry that is changing as rapidly as ours is, there are new paradigms that are need in terms of how stakeholders can go about predicting and analyzing the technology for the future
Lawrence Jones Edison Electric Institute

Technology forecasts have consistently underestimated the cost declines in renewables, often because many rely on robust data that lags one to two years behind the market. Financial markets, on the other hand, seem more adept at harnessing the most current data, even if it is imperfect, to better predict the future. 

How do energy providers and policy makers mitigate the risk of underestimating the price of  new technology and adaptability of coming to market? In this episode, join Andrew and Lawrence as they have a conversation around policy makers, regulators, businesses and investors in relation to the role of technology in an equitable energy transition.  

We have seen nearly one thousand companies around the world who have implemented a carbon price, and another 600 to 700 who are planning to in the next few years. That's a huge number considering it's a relatively new concept
Andrew Perry Oliver Wyman