Market Adaption For An Equitable Energy Transition

Episode 2 | Speakers: Lawrence Jones and Andrew Perry

Welcome to a new four-part series with Lawrence Jones, Vice President of International Programs at the Edison Electric Institute, and Andrew Perry, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Energy Practice. This series will explore infrastructure, access to capital, the role of technology, and market implications - and specifically, how these factors play in to the future of the energy transition.

As we look into the future, in a world where zero marginal cost generation continues to dominate the supply mix, I expect us to see challenges in regards to how competitive markets work and operate
Lawrence Jones Edison Electric Institute

The coronavirus pandemic has caused severe socioeconomic disruption, with the human cost rising and many challenges still yet to be scaled. One impact of the global pandemic is the accelerated amplification of changes and power prices fluctuations. What impact will external forces have on the systems energy providers have put in place? The global energy markets are evolving at different stages but are all following the energy transition debate.   


In the second episode of this four part series, Lawrence and Andy will discuss market adaption and how it related to an equitable energy transition. This episode explores the challenges energy suppliers may face, such as urbanization, industrialisation and how providers can empower customer participation in the energy transition. 

There are interesting trading and platform opportunities for how you drive efficiency and look for the value in timing between supply and demand. It creates a much more interactive dynamic, where the customer can play a genuine role in their own demand
Andrew Perry Oliver Wyman