Energy's Transition

Conquering challenges of an industry in evolution



As the climate agenda and the consequences of COVID-19 and other recent events become apparent, the energy sector is faced with an array of challenges and opportunities to ensure a sustainable future.

To shift portfolios toward economically sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy, companies will need to adopt a customer-centric approach, ensure access to capital, and foster new technologies and business models.

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Projected gasoline demand for the United States

In percent

Source: IEA Oil 2021 report, EIA, Oliver Wyman desk research and analysis

Independent oil and gas companies must focus on the prospective decline in a potentially large chunk of demand as both consumers and industries switch to electrification, photovoltaic technology, and hydrogen alternatives. Learn what their options are to ensure future success >




Around the world, time is running out to reverse the destructive power of climate change. And while we have a lot of work to do over the next decade, we are all in this together. We hope this fifth edition of The Oliver Wyman Energy Journal is useful as you carve your path through the Energy Transition.



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BRINK, a digital news service from our parent Marsh & McLennan Companies, gathers timely perspectives from experts on risk and resilience around the world to inform business and policy decisions on critical challenges, including those related to the Energy Transition.




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