Paying for an Equitable Energy Transition

Episode 1 | Speakers: Lawrence Jones and Andrew Perry

How do we prepare for an equitable and smooth energy transition?

Welcome to a new four-part series with Lawrence Jones, Vice President of International Programs at the Edison Electric Institute, and Andrew Perry, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Energy Practice. This series will explore infrastructure, access to capital, the role of technology, and market implications - and specifically, how these factors play in to the future of the energy transition.

In a way, every business becomes an energy business. Because every business has to be thinking far more carefully about how they consume energy, how energy is used in their supply chains and how they might want to generate energy themselves
Andrew Perry

The  clean energy transition depends not just on well-designed policy and regulation but on investment and access to capital by electric companies and project developers. How does this develop over the upcoming months and years?

Tariff and rate design could be reimagined, with a time-of-use tariff.  Linking time-of-use to the cost that you pay compared to the standard fix rate according to the volume. Electricity markets fluctuate in price when demand is high. There is an opportunity for the supply and demand balance to meet renewable energy. But who will be able to be flexible with their usage? And who will benefit from time-of-use tariff systems?

In this episode, Lawrence and Andy discuss what is necessary to close the gap to achieve global climate goals. 

Across the globe there is a sense of reckoning that everyone has to take this issue of the energy transition seriously. I would say this issue is global in scope, but local in character
Lawrence Jones