A Driverless Future for Freight?

Driverless cars are expected to revolutionize personal transport in the next decade. Driverless trucks and trains may not be far behind, as the technology for autonomous freight transport is fast becoming feasible.

There are still obstacles to overcome before we see trucks and trains driving themselves, but economic and competitive considerations are likely to keep the pressure on for driverless freight transport solutions. Economically, trucking is likely to benefit more than rail from going driverless, but autonomous trucks could so alter the transportation landscape that railroads might have little choice but to follow suit.

Jason Kuehn, Vice President in Oliver Wyman's Global Transportation Practice, explains the benefits of driverless trucks.

Jason Kuehn reveals some of the challenges to driverless trucks and trains.

A Driverless Future for Freight?


Highway To The Future: Driverless Roads

How Highways Could Evolve in Response to Driver-Free Vehicles

As driverless trucks come online in the next five to 10 years, they may initially be required to operate in segregated lanes. But once the practice becomes widespread, highways may be restricted to autonomous vehicles. While this transition is fraught with risk, it could yield substantial benefits