Infographic: Aviation Growth Patterns Around the World

Airlines around the world are growing, and they are doing so primarily by adding more seats and flying longer routes. Our latest research shows that year-over-year world growth in seats and available seat-miles is outpacing the increase in departures.

Each region presents a slightly different growth picture, however. In Asia, for example, now the largest aviation market in the world, departures, seats, and ASMs are all growing faster than world averages. Africa/Middle East, although a small market overall, is seeing strong growth as well.

Latin America and North America are demonstrating similar growth patterns at present: minimal to no growth in departures, a small upturn in seats, and steady growth in ASMs, which may be indicative of the impact of newer regional routes. Europe, while a mature market, is nevertheless seeing interesting growth in capacity and miles.

Infographic: Aviation Growth Patterns Around the World