Hydrogen For The Long Haul

Presenters: Federico Ucci and Simon Schnurrer

What possible solutions are there to reduce emissions or de-carbonize road transport? Long-haul surface transportation is an integral part of the global supply chain and accounts for 19% of road transport. Sustainable trucking is important, we have seen a growing number of country initiatives and strategies implemented to tackle the challenge.  

Our latest analysis proposes that green hydrogen has the potential to de-carbonize global greenhouse gas emissions. The green evolution of the heavy-duty transports relies mainly on electric road systems and fuel cell electric vehicles.

We need to align everyone on one single standard. Imagine one vehicle running from Palermo to Rotterdam, it would need to complete its mission crossing several European countries
Federico Ucci

In this episode of the Velocity Podcast, join Federico Ucci, Partner specializing in transportation, and Simon Schnurrer, Partner and automotive expert as they bring together their expertise and offer an insight into the advantage and disadvantages, infrastructure investment, pilot projects and partnerships, and what de-carbonizing means for automotive manufacturers.  

When you have a new technology, you have to make it work not only for the customer but for all the partners along the value chain
Simon Schnurrer