MRO Americas 2015 – MRO Trends and Forecasts Presentation

Dave Marcontell, of our CAVOK business, covered his view of the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) industry in the MRO Americas Trends and Forecasts session on Tuesday, April 15, 2015. His presentation also highlighted insights on innovation and new technologies leveraged from the annual Oliver Wyman MRO Survey and showcased data from the MRO section of

CAVOK is an aviation services and consulting firm that supports certification and maintenance programs for clients worldwide. Our deep expertise and proprietary tools help customers incorporate the latest safety standards, improve process efficiency, and streamline maintenance processes to reap significant economic benefit. 

Also, Oliver Wyman offers a powerful suite of analytical tools to manipulate reliable and enhanced aviation data to drive key business insights through  The betterinsight™ MRO data and market intelligence includes industry leading fleet and MRO forecasts, market share data, and benchmarks.

MRO Americas 2015 – MRO Trends and Forecasts Presentation