Our Culture

Inclusion & Diversity

At Oliver Wyman, I&D is about working together, engaging in a rich dialogue with our clients and offering them the most robust solutions crafted by the best people.

Inclusion and diversity is how we run the firm. From the CEO and leadership team’s engaged participation in our Inclusion Council, strong values shape our daily interactions, business strategies, and culture.  We believe inclusion drives diversity, and diversity enables better business outcomes, for you and for our people. Oliver Wyman is convinced this is the right thing to do. And that it makes us collectively better, individually richer. Follow our Inclusion & Diversity activities below.

Scott McDonald
Inclusion doesn’t take care of itself – not even in a meritocracy. It requires work, focus, communication, and commitment. Our success is directly linked to the strength of our culture and the quality of people we can attract to join us. Inclusion is essential to support the strong culture because it is the right approach to life and because it will enable us to attract a wider range of the best people, allow our people to develop and, ultimately, it will enable us to address more complex issues for clients.
Scott McDonald CEO

A culture where different people thrive. Together.

Our people feel confident that they can succeed at Oliver Wyman by being themselves, and are also clear that their diverse contribution is expected to produce the innovative solutions we offer to our clients. That is why our approach to I&D focuses on culture.  We believe every dimension of diversity - including background, experiences, and thought – should be nourished and valued.  We share this responsibility and work together to create the culture we want to live in.

Inclusion & Diversity:  what does it mean for our clients?

Oliver Wyman builds genuine long-term partnerships with clients based on a powerful collaborative culture, sharing their entrepreneurial mindset.  Working with our clients - and not intervening “upon” them - we truly team up to resolve and create, both in the boardroom and in the engine room.  With no bias in mind, and no pre-existing bias for or against existing processes or practices, we speak our minds, challenging ourselves and our clients to produce innovative solutions.  This is how our approach to  inclusion & diversity allow us to create genuine value.  Walk through our doors and you’ll find a unique group of passionate and unique entrepreneurs.

We live our I&D values daily.

It takes collective will and commitment to build a truly inclusive culture. We work daily to create a sense of community and we value the unique contributions of our colleagues by:

  • Understanding who we are as individuals—our distinct values, motivators, strengths—and what this means in our relationships
  • Learning about each other and forming meaningful and trusting relationships
  • Pushing past our comfort zones to seek perspectives that differ from our own
  • Sharing boundaries and limitations honestly
  • Providing honest and meaningful feedback
  • Participating actively in firm decision-making
  • Caring for, mentoring, developing and sponsoring each other

We proudly share the 2nd edition of "Women in Financial Services"

The report includes an analysis of nearly 400 financial services organizations in 32 countries, a survey of 850 financial services professionals around the world, and interviews of more than 100 senior female and male leaders.

Female representation is growing on financial services boards (20% in 2016) and executive committees (16% in 2016), but progress is slow.  At current rates of growth, financial services globally will reach 30% female executive committee representation by 2048 only.  Moreover, progress seems to have slowed in some geographies.

Ted Moynihan
“This report really contributes to advancing reflection on this subject and was also used to absorbing the messages for ourselves. Primarily, that we need to be as bold as possible when implementing structural solutions such as parental support, returnship and flexible working arrangements. And that cultural change to support our People underpining all inclusion and gender diversity will be an outcome of that
Ted Moynihan Managing Partner, Financial Services practice group