Inclusion, Diversity, And Belonging

Amazing means all of us

At Oliver Wyman, our ambition is to inspire and deliver transformational moments for our people and clients alike. For our people this means creating an individual and collective sense of belonging through our words and actions.

We want all our people to be their best selves at work, exercising their right to be included and their duty to include others. We aspire to be positive role models at the individual, corporate and societal level. In all that we do, we prioritise inclusion, value integrity and expect respect. This is not simple to do. It takes all of us to work together on a journey of continuous improvement and evolution.

We each commit to generously support and encourage one another to do better while providing productive challenge and accountability. Our work and our values are global, and regardless of where we are, we will adhere to these principles and invite our clients and strategic partners to join us in pursuit of this vision.

Inclusion is a team effort at Oliver Wyman. No single person is responsible for this work — it takes all of us. That’s why I’m proud of our progress, and excited to see how each new colleague builds and grows our inclusive culture. We embrace difference and empower our people to challenge the status quo. No two days are the same here, and that’s the beauty of how diversity shows up in every facet of life at Oliver Wyman

Four pillars

Our people

Our people are the foundation of our success. Our differences make a difference.

Our culture

Our culture is the sum total of each of our actions. Together we are Oliver Wyman.

Our clients

Our clients become partners in more than business. Together we learn, shape and grow.

Our brand

Our brand is our legacy. It’s who we are and what we stand for.

colleague engagements

Employees of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial And Ethnic Diversity supports racial and ethnic diversity, enhancing the culture of Oliver Wyman, and creating a better firm and community for all employees.

Family Life at Oliver Wyman enables parents and caregivers to support and educate peers and colleagues on related topics, build community, and drive improvement at the many intersections of work and family life.

PrOWd supports all our colleagues of diverse gender identity and sexuality orientation, fostering a workplace where LGBTQ+ colleagues can achieve the amazing through bringing their full selves to work.

Introversion at Oliver Wyman helps everyone better understand introversion versus extroversion, enabling colleagues to work more effectively together.

Veterans of Oliver Wyman is an advocacy group, focused on advising transitioning veterans, providing a supportive internal community, and promoting veteran advocacy in local communities.

Women at Oliver Wyman focuses on catalyzing Oliver Wyman’s ability to attract, develop, and retain highly talented women, and unlock their potential to drive business performance.

employee network groups

The Black Network provides a safe space for Black colleagues around the globe. It builds a sense of belonging without being constrained by a single Black narrative, and recognizing that there is no single Black experience.

Men4Change aims to actively engage men and all allies to encourage awareness, dialogue, and action to decrease gender disparities. This network is affiliated with WOW.

The Hispanic and Latinx Network aims to connect Hispanic and Latinx colleagues across offices to strengthen their professional networks and provide the foundation for potential affinity-based mentorship, and sponsorship relationships.

Green Champions of Oliver Wyman is a network that links colleagues together to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing our communities today, and in the future.

podcast with global head of inclusion, diversity and belonging

Leaving A Dent In The World

Listen to Roianne Nedd, our Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging, discuss her views on where we are on inclusion as a society, what legacy means, and other hot diversity topics.

By Roianne Nedd

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29:30 min


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